Arrenello's Pizza (Tinley Park)

Arrenello's Pizza Logo

Local chain serving pizza, pasta & sandwiches, plus wings, ribs & seafood, in a casual space. Arrenello's opened its first location in Glenwood, IL in 1972. Many things have changed over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is that Arrenello's customers keep coming back for the sweet stuff...sweet sauce, that is. "On a pizza," everyone asked? We knew it would be a risk, but people liked it a lot, and from then on, we were in the pizza business!

Address: Glenwood IL | Tinley Park IL | Highland IN



Omarcito’s Latin Cafe

Omarcito’s Latin Cafe Chicago Logo

Omarcitos gets its name from Owner and Chef Omar Cadena—a first-generation born in the United States to Cuban and Ecuadorian parents and a proud Chicago native. The meaning of the name comes from being the grandson of Omar Jimenez, the successful jewelry entrepreneur of Omar's Jewelry who opened for business in Logan Square back in 1979. (In Spanish, adding ‘cito’ to the end of a name is an endearing way to refer to someone as a little version of someone.) Omar has spent over 20 years working in kitchens across Chicago including the last seven years as general manager of BIG & Littles in Wicker Park. A lot of hard work, long days, sweat and tears went into the creation of Omarcitos.


The vibe you get being here comes from a genuine love for cooking food and making others happy. What we can promise you is delicious Latin American street food, friendly service, and a good time with good people. Here are some final words from Omar himself: "What I want to provide at Omarcitos is an overall experience. The music is right. The vibe is inviting, warm, and welcoming. From the moment you approach the building, you should automatically feel "I'm at the right place." Because when you eat here, you're familia.


SMAK-TAK! Polish Restaurant

SMAK-TAK! Polish Restaurant Chicago Logo

Hearty Polish fare such as pierogi, potato pancakes & sausages served in a wood-beamed chalet. Smak-Tak is a quaint Polish restaurant that has been located on the north side of Chicago for the past fifteen years. Our guests just love the old world ambiance and the traditional Polish kitchen flavors. Our appetizing dishes which are specially prepared for each guest have been attracting more and more repeat patrons. If you desire a cozy atmosphere for your celebration then “Smak-Tak" is just for you. Our staff is ready to organize and prepare a culinary feast that will never be forgotten for up to thirty guests. Arranging a party at home? Let us prepare your table with our delicious food. Your guests will never forget this party. Just one visit to our restaurant to make the arrangements and your food will arrive at the right time and the right place.

Address: 5961 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60646

Phone: (773) 763-1123