Flying Tacos

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Flying Tacos

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Flying Tacos Chicago Food Truck Logo
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Description: Locals have long searched the Chicago skyline for something miraculous, and finally, it's here. Flying Tacos has landed in the food truck scene, serving the windy city with a breath of fresh air. Er, fresh tacos, we mean. The chefs of Flying Tacos breathe new life into the regular old taco, with gourmet ingredients that elevate it to a whole new level of delicious. Tortillas are made in house daily, and they take their time bringing out authentic flavor by marinating each meat for a solid two days. From savory al pastor balanced with the addition of sweet roasted pineapple to spicy guajillo chicken with jalapeno, they're flying in big flavor in small packages. Find Flying Tacos on the streets and watch your taco dreams take flight. The sky's the limit and now, it's filled with an unlimited taco supply.
Phone: (312) 675-8385
Address: Chicago, IL 60607

Flying Tacos Menu:

Flying Tacos Chicago Food Truck Menu
Flying Tacos Chicago Food Truck Menu (33.44 KiB) Viewed 262 times
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