Cemitas Puebla - CLOSED

Cemitas Puebla Chicago Logo

Poblano fare including cemitas (Mexican sandwiches), burritos & chalupas in a low-key setting.

Address: 3619 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: (773) 772-8435

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Amor y Tequila

Amor y Tequila Chicago Logo

Comfort food from around the world is served in a rustic space with communal tables & open kitchen.

Address: 2118 W Roscoe St, Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: (773) 904-7269

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El Mirador

El Mirador Chicago Logo

Restaurante salvadoreño. Abierto todo los días.

Address: 5340 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60639

Phone: (773) 804-6050

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Olocuilta Pupuseria

Olocuilta Pupuseria Chicago Logo

Comida 100% centroamericana.

Address: 3040 N Laramie Ave, Chicago, IL 60641

Phone: (773) 698-5462

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Sueños X Soho Friends

Sueños X Soho Friends Chicago Logo

Sueños X Soho is a borderless Baja mariscos concept by Chef Stephen Sandoval. Featuring raw oysters, ceviche, tostadas, wood-fired seafood, specialty cocktails and wine. The decor is expressive, cohesive and experiential.

Address: 113-125 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: N/A

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Con Todo Cantina y Cocina

Con Todo Cantina y Cocina Chicago Logo

Con Todo is a restaurant influenced by the flavors, cooking techniques but most importantly the people of Mexico City. “Con Todo” means “with everything” in many different senses - a phrase you yell to your “taquero” when you want cilantro and onion on your taco; a sentiment that permeates our approach to food and brand of hospitality. It is emblematic of the Mexican experience this side of the border, we are rooted in our love for the motherland seen through the lens of proud Chicago natives. Con Todo pays tribute to Mexico City’s rich and diverse food culture in Logan Square’s already stellar dining scene.

Address: 2853 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: (773) 681-0674

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El Tacontento Taqueria y Neveria

El Tacontento Taqueria y Neveria Chicago Logo

Delicious Mexican affairs including breakfast.

Address: 3500 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: (312) 800-3693

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Mariscos Almada

Mariscos Almada Chicago Logo

Taqueria Y Ostioneria.

Address: 9485 S Ewing Ave, Chicago, IL 60617

Phone: (872) 666-5766

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