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Summons For Standby Jury Service Letter Cook County Illinois Front

Below is an example letter from the Circuit Court of Cook County for Jury summons. Remember, you should always call (312) 603-5950 on the date before your service date to confirm if you have to appear at the courthouse or not.


Summons For Standby Jury Service Letter Cook County Illinois Front


By order of the circuit court of cook county, Illinois, you are hereby designated as a standby juror. Please phone 312-603-5950 after 4:30pm on the date before service date. A recorded message will inform you whether you need to report on the date and time at the court indicated below.

Failure to obey this summons may be punishable by a fine. Please fill in the form on the reverse side of this summons and bring it along with you when you report. If you require additional information, please call 312-603-5879.

Please note: All of the courthouses to which jurors are summoned are on the one day/one trial jury system. If you are not selected to be a juror for a trail, you will serve only one day and be discharged. However, if you are in a courtroom for jury selection at the end of the day or are selected to sit on a jury, you must return to court every day until discharged by the trial judge.

Be prepared to stay until at least 4:30pm. Bring something to read. Bring change for vending machines. Please read "Important Information for Jurors". Please dress appropriately, shorts are not acceptable.

Important Information For Jurors

If you are 70 years of age or older and wish to be excused from jury service or to be assigned to a different courthouse, you may call 312-603-5879 (Jury) and the court will accommodate you.

Read your summons carefully so that you know exactly when and where to report.

If employed, immediately notify your employer of your summons to jury service.

You will be asked to go through a metal detector before entering the courthouse. 

Cameras and radios are not allowed. Jurors are exempt from the court's electronic service ban. Cell phones and laptops may be used in the jury assembly room but must be turned off when you are sent to a courtroom. Show your summons to security upon entering the courthouse.

If you have dietary restrictions or other special needs, you may contact Jury Administration (312) 603-5879.

For deaf or hard of hearing services (sign language, assistive listening devices, real-time captioning, etc.) please contact your service date (Videophone) 312-603-9187 (TDD/TTY) 312-603-1914, (Voice) 312-603-1918 or (Email) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information regarding your jury service, visit our website


Hardship And Medical Expenses

If you believe you qualify to be excused from jury service because of undue hardship or medical reasons, you must submit a request in writing. Attach any documentation that supports your request, such as a doctor's letter, and mail to: JURY ADMINISTRATION, RICHARD J DALEY CENTER ROOM 1000, 50 W WASHINGTON ST, CHICAGO ILLINOIS 60602.


Public Transportation From Chicago To Courthouse Day and Early Evening

All Cook County Courthouses can be reached by public transportation. To create an itinerary over the phone, or for the most current routes and schedules for both city and suburb via - ADA Paratransit Service, CTA, METRA, or PACE, call the RTA Travel Information Center or visit their website and use the trip planner.

RTA Travel Information Center 312-836-7000 (city or suburb)

(TDD/TTY) 312-836-4949 (city or suburb)

Trip Planner


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