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Boozy Slushies, Snacks, Dill Pickle Fried Chicken, Detroit Style Pizza, Soft Serve & Ample Vegan Options in Uptown on Wilson Ave.

Floreen was my mother and she loved me, and she loved chicken. She also loved Detroit, the Eastern Market, Belle Isle, picnics and taking me to Kentucky Fried Chicken. As a young and single parent my mother juggled a great many things but making sure a good dinner was had, was never one of them. For the fifty four years I had my mother in my life it was rare that talk of food didn’t begin, consume or end our conversations. Floreen was a magnificent host and caterer and master of all things chicken, and beautiful things.

My favorite meal was her butter roasted chicken, with potatoes and slaw. With little alteration that is my favorite dish on Floreen’s menu. My mom and I also loved sharing banana cream pie, ice cream and potato chips.

Address: 1303 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Phone: N/A

Website: https://www.floreens.com/

Contact Info: https://www.floreens.com/about/



Floreen's Chicken & Roost Menus:


Floreen's Chicken & Roost Vegan Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Soups Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Snacks Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Sides Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Sandwiches Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Salads Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Fried Chicken Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Dinner Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Roasted Chicken Menu

Floreen's Chicken & Roost Pizzas Menu




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